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This is how you hook up with your dream woman with online dating

“The world of dating has completely changed,” a statement that no one – but really no one – can deny. Since the rise of dating apps, the first moment of contact takes place less and less often in the local pub or supermarket, but people get to know each other via smartphones. Something that has many advantages. But how do you hook up with your dream woman via online dating?

Tips for online dating

One is good at it, the other has a lot to learn: online dating. Although attraction also has to do with your personality and appearance, you can definitely master the arts of online dating. With the following online dating tips you can increase your appeal so that you can hook up with your dream woman:

1. An attractive profile

Your profile, an essential part of online dating. Of course, the woman needs to be triggered by your profile, otherwise things will go wrong right away. Make your profile complete and attractive to the other person.

Your profile is your business card

Different things will be looked at with your profile, that’s normal. Your profile picture, interests, job, so on. There are lots of tips & tricks to make your profile more interesting for the opposite sex. But actually there is only one real rule: distinguish yourself from the crowd.

By standing out, a woman will notice you, and that’s what you want. By this, we don’t mean standing out with a profile full of shirtless sports photos. No, we don’t.

Impress with the points that characterize you. Mention hobbies you’re proud of, radiate spontaneity and don’t overcomplicate things. By not putting everything on the table yet, she’ll also be curious for more.

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2. Show genuine interest in her

A lesson for many men: you don’t impress just by talking about yourself and praising yourself. No matter how annoying we find it when women only talk about themselves, of course the opposite is true.

Women love a man with whom they can level with, a man who can have a sincere conversation, a man with a listening ear. Offer her this listening ear. Ask her questions and show interest in her life. A golden tip: summarise what she says to you and ask. In this way you show that you really listen to her and show empathy. She will get the feeling that you are the man who understands her.

3. The right dating app

You may want to show interest in the woman of your dreams, but without the right dating app you are nowhere. Where can you find that – in your eyes perfect – woman? Someone who is serious with you and not just looking for an evening of fun. Have you been swinging aimlessly and unseriously all this time? Then pay attention:

The dating app called
The Inner Circleis a
game changerop the field of online dating. This is because it is a dating app that wants to help you get rid of your phone and make sure that you get as soon as possible people in
real-life meeting.

This dating app has a number of advantages that increase the chance of finding your ideal match. First of all, the app makes sure that you only meet people that you also want to meet. New members of this app will have to go through a registration procedure, where they will be checked on multiple levels. When you open the app, you’ll see singles with whom you can be a good match.

Furthermore, the dating app recognizes the most popular hotspots among users. This makes it possible to link your favorite bar, restaurant or other place to your account. Then you can see who shares the love for that nice bar with you. And 1 + 1 = 2, right? If you find each other interesting, the location of the date is already determined. The easy step from an online chat to a real date, something where
The Inner Circle stands for.

Last but not least, the exclusive events. Something with which we think this dating app really makes a difference. These events are exclusive for members of the app and vary from extravagant rooftop parties to cosy Friday afternoon drinks with the most delicious cocktails. So although it’s a party for singles, you won’t find any desperate characters there. On the contrary! It’s a gathering of ambitious people, who also look good. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

4. Be yourself

Okay, we men have a hand in exaggerating to impress. And with the smartphone, it’s even easier than in
real-life. You only cut yourself when you pretend to be better than you are.

When you reach the point where it is time for a real date, she will undoubtedly see the ‘true you’. Suddenly you’re a completely different young man than that cute guy from The Inner Circle. Of course you don’t want that. Be yourself from the moment you’re one. If she’s gonna snap right at the real you, it’s not gonna be anyway.
match made in heaven.But if she likes you for who you are,there’s definitely potential.

5. Set your pace together.

Since it’s about you ‘together’, don’t be selfish in the choices you make. You’re looking for a serious relationship, not a one-night stand. Treat the other person seriously and take each other’s feelings into account. When the time is right for the next step in your relationship, you will both notice it in each other.

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7 Online Dating Tips (for men!)

7 Online Dating Tips (for men!)
“Dating Tips for Men!

This article, ‘Dating tips for men!’, we posted last week.
Click here to discover dating tips for men. It’s clearly Spring, including the nice weather that goes with it, because this week we’re talking about online dating.
7 Online dating tips for men to go through.

Dating online with confidence

Dating through a dating site is an excellent way for men to meet women. At least, if you know how dating via the internet works for men.
To help you on your way to successful internet dating and to increase your self-confidence, the best tips in this article are collected for you. Internet dating has a number of advantages, but also disadvantages. Let’s start positive with all the advantages.

The advantage of internet dating

You can decide for yourself if you feel the need to meet someone. When there are moments in your life when you feel lonely or just feel like going on a nice date, that might be the time to create a profile on a dating site. Then you can quietly work on it in your own time. Also for people who don’t go out a lot or end up in few situations where they get in contact with other people, a dating site is the solution.

Everyone is looking for the same thing. When you meet someone during your daily activities, there is always a chance that that person already has a partner. On a dating site you can assume that the person you like is single just like you and therefore looking for a partner.

Multiple contacts at the same time. If you are going to make contacts on a dating site, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one contact. You can make many contacts at the same time and see at ease who you would like to meet in real life.

The threshold for contact is lower: who doesn’t find it difficult to talk to someone on the street? On a dating site you are supposed to speak to someone if you want to get in touch with them. So you do it without thinking too much about it.

The disadvantage of internet dating

Internet dating costs money. Creating a profile and being able to use all the options such as, email, view multiple photos or end up high in the search lists is unfortunately not always free. But rest assured. You often don’t pay more than a few tens a month. And if you choose to connect to a dating site for a longer period of time, the price per month is of course lower.

Someone may really look different or show completely different behavior than you had expected beforehand. This is actually the big objection or risk that a dating site entails. You are totally dependent on pictures and the feeling that someone gives you through her messages to you. This doesn’t say everything about how she really looks or behaves as a person. Consequence: chances of disappointment when you meet this person in real life. And then you have to spend time together.

A date with someone you haven’t met before can be uncomfortable and exciting. Maybe you don’t feel at ease at all. Make sure this doesn’t affect the rest of your date.
Future of dating?

As you’ve probably already discovered, there are plenty of single women who would like to meet a nice man on the internet. Cause we don’t just date online on a dating site anymore.
Tinder(s), for example, is still growing in popularity and is just as much a form of internet dating. And on top of that, it’s free

Social media and dating

But Facebook and WhatsApp could also be used to meet women online.
Just like all other places on the internet where people meet each other and/or do things together. Think of forums and games that large numbers of people play together. Let’s now turn to the tips that can help you on your way to a great contact.

7 Online dating tips for men
Online Dating Tip 1 | Pay attention to your profile

Of course, it all starts with your profile.
Don’t underestimate the importance of a fully completed profile. Without a profile picture you can forget it as a man but also as a woman. There are countless men who do have a profile picture so with one click the ladies are already at the next profile.
A cheerful smiling picture always does it well. It is not advisable to wear sunglasses. Some women think you have something to hide. And some dating sites even forbid wearing sunglasses on a profile picture. Also another picture where you’re indistinctly on is not recommended. It doesn’t add anything.

Your profile text consists of a text with short, concise sentences that radiate energy, passion, positivity and direction, and that make it clear to a woman

what you want, desire and seek in a woman.
It is a misconception that you come across as desperate by paying a lot of attention to your profile. You come across as serious.

A woman can
Determine for herself whether she can and wants to satisfy your wishes and desires by means of a nice text directly for herself.

Pay close attention to what you write. A rejection can be in small things. When you are 35 years old and you write ‘going out’ with interests, chances are that she thinks you are still very immature for your age. It’s better to write that you like having drinks with friends in the city.
Language mistakes are also a letdown. It comes across as sloppy.

Don’t write an extensive wish list in your profile. That scares you off. You definitely don’t want to be overly critical or labelled as a difficult person.

Don’t use cliché sentences to start your profile text with, like:
‘yes, now for the difficult part what should you write on such a dating site’or
“I’m a spontaneous man of 28. These sentences are already used by countless other men and women use them even more often.

Online Dating Tip 2 | Don’t get knocked out

Don’t let them knock you out if you can’t get in touch with someone for a long period of time. My experience with internal dating is that the concept is certainly sensitive to busy and fewer periods.

Often you see so much after Christmas or before spring that the number of messages you receive can peak at once. But it is possible that during a period of a number of months you will not receive (back) any messages at all.
This may not always mean that people don’t find you interesting.

For example, there may be a holiday period or people are busy or not in need of contact for a while or are just looking for a totally different type despite the fact that they think you have a nice profile.

Online Dating Tip 3 | Don’t get irritated if you don’t get a response back

It can seem a bit rude if you do your best to send a nice message to a woman and you don’t get a response. Still, that happens more often than you think. Why is this? There may be several reasons for this.

Chances are that this person gets a lot of messages from men and therefore doesn’t bother to send everyone an e-mail back. Which in itself is quite understandable.

Some women think that others are not waiting for a rejection e-mail. Because it is of course not nice if you see that the person replies to your message of interest and that there is then a rejection in it. Then you’d better not return anything, right?

In short, don’t take it personally. Also don’t try a second attempt to contact the person. There is no chance that you will get a response back after all.
It is better to put your energy into a new contact.

Online Dating Tip 4 | how to write a nice message?

How do you write a good first message to a woman on a dating site? It’s a question that occupies many an internet dating man. Especially when the number of responses to already sent messages is disappointing.

Sometimes it’s not easy to write a nice and good first message that a woman also replies to. Because women’s profile texts don’t always contain content that is easy to work with. Something that makes it all the more difficult to come up with what is best for a woman to write.

But also for sending first messages:
practice makes perfect. A nice first message should be:

Certainly not an automatic message of interest. That comes across as lazy and leaves the initiative for a first real contact with her.
Above all, don’t be too long: four or five lines at most. It’s not about the length but about the content and the way of writing.
If possible, include a catchy opening sentence.
Only about one thing from her profile.
To be easy to read and understand.
Be written in flawless English.
To be addressed to her personally.
Make it clear that you have taken the trouble to take a good look at a woman’s profile and read her profile text carefully.
Contain one question that is also easy to answer. It may well be a stimulating question.
Do not contain desperate phrases
like, “finally I found a nice profile” or…
“I can see you live far away, but I’m trying anyway” or…
“I’m sure you’ll be overloaded with interest, but I’ll try anyway.
Include humour in your text. Women love humour. Notice how often they say they are looking for a man with a sense of humour.
Online Dating Tip 5 | What is the best time to write a message?

Keep in mind that women are overloaded with interest messages.
There are more men active on a dating site than women.

And if a woman looks a bit good and is also new, putting her at the top of the search results, chances are that your message will not stand out among all the interest messages.

A woman who is going on a dating site for the first time will first take some time to look around. She really doesn’t go to day one to reply to different messages on the same day. It’s better to wait a few weeks and then send your message. There’s a better chance that you’ll get a response back.

Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of profiles that are barely filled in? These are all women who have created a profile with the same attitude. Namely those of
“take a look around first.

There’s little chance you’ll get a reaction back from her. It’s not your fault. You’d better skip these profiles and don’t spend any more energy on them.

Will you get a response back after you send your first message?
Congratulations! You’ve made contact, so now is the time to keep the conversation going.

Don’t demand that you return a message every ten minutes. You don’t expect her to, do you? There may be a day in between.

|Dating Tip 6 |Don’t wait too long to make an appointment

A date serves to get to know each other better and to discover whether the other person is really nice and could suit you in terms of wishes, lifestyle and attitude to life.

The best way to find out is by spending physical time together and talking to each other. And in the end, of course, it’s all about that so often mentioned ‘click’.
So don’t wait too long to get together.

Many women appreciate it if you take the initiative to make an appointment fairly quickly. This is possible after having had e-mail contact with each other a number of times.

In the end it’s all about whether you can get along in real life. It would be a shame if you have e-mail contact with each other for a long time and then it turns out not to click during the date. So you could have found out a lot quicker.

Moreover, there is still something to discuss during your date and it is not useful if all this has already been discussed during the email conversations.

If, after weeks of e-mail contact, she is still not willing to make an appointment, you can assume that it will not happen again. It is then not strange to break off the contact. Do you feel the need to meet someone who is keeping you on the line for so long?

Online Dating Tip 7 | Don’t let the photos you see guide you too much

Almost every man or woman puts his most beautiful pictures on her or his profile. You can also assume that every woman weighs a little heavier than she actually indicates.

Everyone wants to increase the chance of being noticed as much as possible.
So a healthy dose of skepticism is recommended. There is a good chance that your date will look a bit different than expected. Good luck with creating your profile!
Nice if you want to comment on this message below or if you want to share this message. Thanks a lot!

dating tips for teenage guys

Sexy Summer Date Idea

6 Youth Dating Tips not to be missed!

dating tips for teenage guys
Dating for young people, and online. It seems obvious, but it’s striking how many requests come in for clear dating tips for young people. Youth dating sites mainly provide matching, but not dating. The average youth dating site therefore adds little value by providing dating tips. It is not at all strange that young people sometimes don’t know it anymore, and need a little refresher course after being single for a long time, for example.

Maybe you have never even had a relationship or intimacy, because of the lack of these 6 tips. That is why we have put together dating tips for young people, which you can read below. Take advantage of them!

first date tips for guys

Tip 1: Do not force too much

Many people take some time to react, or are at work, or studying. If you don’t hear anything for a few hours, it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone isn’t interested in you. Above all, don’t worry, and don’t send more messages than necessary. Of course you can send another message, maybe something went wrong with the previous message.

Should this feeling occur, it is best to do something else for the distraction. Extra messages are often seen as insistent behaviour, and are therefore not recommended if you really like the person. Online dating & young people go well together, because young people are often more online as well. However, don’t expect everyone to spend that whole day with their smartphone. A few hours of no response is not a disaster, really, you will survive!

Also, insisting on a date is not a win-win situation, but the other person will run away faster than staying. So try to take it easy, and keep up with the pace of your flirtation. No matter how contradictory it may feel sometimes, it really is for the best!

For him or her, too, it will probably be their first time, so it’s just as exciting as it is for you!

Tip 2: Stop with the declarations of love

No matter how sweet you meant it, you’d better try to avoid the love poems and lyrics for a while. A sweet word is of course no problem at all and can be done easily. Or an “I love you”. However, poems from scientific research are often seen as clichés and not personal. Try to avoid this, in whatever form, preferably!

what to do on a first date with a girl

Unless of course you are a real poet and can think of a personal poem. In all other cases we advise you to stay yourself. Dating young people is also not at all about decorating each other for eternity, but rather about having fun and getting out and about. So don’t pin yourself too quickly on one and the same person, just because that person seems so much fun to you right now. Love makes you blind and that is not only one of the biggest clichés, but also really true.

Tip 3: Long messages are often only partly read

The trick, therefore, is to keep more interesting text in a smaller text, and not to tap enormously long messages. Shorter texts are often responded to extensively, and they are better read than enormously long messages.

When you send a very long message, the other person will read through the message faster, and will be busier with all the text processed, than will be able to think something nice about you. A text of 3 to 5 sentences normally suffices to respond and ask some nice challenging questions.

This way, you don’t give the impression that you are hopeless, and take every chance to get a long message. Usually long messages will also become boring in the long run and lead to fewer reactions.

what to do on a first date with a girl you met online

Tip 4: Meet each other in a public place

Nothing is as exciting as meeting each other for the very first time. Of course, your own safety has to be at the top. Don’t just meet at someone’s house, or at your house. You don’t want someone you don’t know yet, or know what you will think of them in real life, to know where you live. You know the person through the internet and, no matter how well it clicks, the recommendation is: Meet in a public space.

This safety is also necessary when dating young people, we don’t have to tell you that there are also young lunatics out there. Be sure to think about this for a moment, because your own safety is often underestimated until it’s too late. Always make sure that someone knows where you are and what your expectations are regarding the date. Haven’t you sent a message after a certain time? If so, this person can use the location history of your mobile to search for you!

A good preparation can save a lot of misery and stress afterwards!

This is also often the way to avoid annoying silences on your first date. Go for an adventurous date, so you have something to do and can chat at the same time. This will prevent annoying silences, and your

and you can possibly make physical contact with each other.

Tip 5: Be on time

Nobody’s waiting for a date. So make sure you’re on time. Check your route, whether it’s by car or train, and leave on time!

After all, it’s better to be half an hour early than a few minutes late. When your date is a quarter of an hour early, you don’t want to keep your date waiting for you. So make sure you’re on time! A youth date is just as important as any other date, so keeping someone waiting is really not cool. Also make sure you have exchanged numbers before the date, because then you can at least call or append that you’re a little later, that’s fine!

Looking for a good youth dating site?
Try Pepper for free!

Tip 6: Importance of first impressions with youth dating

Speaking of your first impression… The first impression is what the other person will always remember. You don’t get a chance to repeat your first impression. So try to be as good as you can.

Start preparing with your choice of clothes and your hair. Get dressed up nicely, or make sure your hair looks good, and you don’t have any weird stains on your face or clothes.

Don’t be too distant during the meeting, this comes across as if you are not interested, or very prudish. But don’t get too close either, because this can cause annoying situations, which can cause him or her to take a little distance. Give 3 kisses on the cheek or a hug and walk to the agreed location, while you get to know your date a little better by asking certain questions. The fact that you are dating young people does not necessarily mean that you’ll get right on top of it when you see your date.

Don’t start talking about previous relationships or violent events in your life, not even about previous dates… Keep it as light as possible and don’t go too deep into certain difficult points in your life. You are here to get to know each other better, and to make a good impression, try to keep the heavier conversations for later dates.

Put your phone on hold and keep your phone in your pocket for the whole date. If there really is something that makes you want to keep an eye on your phone, tell your date in advance. That way, your date will know what’s going on, and that it’s not because you’re done with it, or not interested at all.


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Conclusion youth dating

Just like any other form of dating, young people’s dating is a profession in its own right. Young people are more inclined to get to know each other via a free dating app and to meet up quickly. However, this reduces the chances of success, because you only really get to know each other on the first date. A little longer chatting often gives you a better idea of the person you are chatting with, and whether you want to make an appointment with them at all.

Don’t do standard things on a youth date either, but make it nice and separate. You’re young and you want something, don’t you?

Young people’s Dating Tips you can’t miss

what is the best dating site for a serious relationship

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Find a nice date
How do you know you’re ready to date?

Are you from a relationship and you don’t know if you’re ready to go on a date again? Just because your friends tell you to install Tinder doesn’t mean you’re ready. You’re the only one who knows if you’re ready or not. You can find out by looking at the following points.

You’re feeling all yourself again

After a relationship, you need time to process everything. You have to get used to being alone again and that takes time. You’re not ready to start dating until you feel like you’re single. This means that you have fun on your own again and that you look forward to a positive future. Only then you can make good choices and be open for a nice date.

You are not angry anymore

When you come out of a relationship that didn’t end well, there is often a built-up anger. Starting a new relationship is not wise. It is important to take the time to let it go and make peace with it. You’re ready to date again when you’ve put it all behind you.

You’re emotionally available

You’re ready to date when you’re emotionally available. This means that you don’t compare dates with your ex or think back to your previous relationship often. Are you ready to give someone a fair chance? If you’re still in your previous relationship, you’re not ready.

No experience with online dating? Read the hundreds of tips and advice and find more

You want to date for the right reasons

Ask yourself why you want to date again. If you want to date because you need a rebound or want revenge on your ex, this isn’t a good start. Take a little more time before you start dating again. Dating is not a form of competition or meant to cheer yourself up with the attentions of other singles.

You feel ready

The most important thing is still your intuition. Deep inside, you know whether you’re ready or not. There are no rules that indicate that you can start dating again after an x number of months. Sometimes you just know you’re ready. However, if you get the jitters with the thought of dating again, wait and try at a later time.

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Dating Advice

5 Online Dating Tips for when Internet Dating Fails5 Online Dating Tips – Tips for when Internet Dating FailsHere are 5 online dating tips to help you find a partner:Tip 1. When you find someone through HappyPancake that you like, ask each other through the chat what dare to do or ask the truth. This way you will get to know each other in a creative and fun way. You can also see certain personality traits emerge that you would otherwise not see through the chat. Also think of funny questions to ask so that you can make the other person laugh but still have to give an answer. Also keep in mind that internet dating is fairly anonymous. So if it doesn’t work out with a certain person, don’t worry about it. You just don’t belong together.Tip 2. Be prepared for a date, it is important to know what a nice date will be for you two. For example, if you agree to do something in New York, look up the following via a search engine: “things to do in New York.” That way you’ll find out what you can do in New York on a date. Ideas can arise such as going for a drink at a certain cafe, or going to an escape room.Tip 3. Are you going to see each other for the first time and do you find that exciting? Then keep the first date simple and have a drink together. When you two go somewhere to have a drink in a crowded cafe, then you both do something low-threshold that doesn’t cost a lot. Ask questions that will help you get to know the other person better, since having a drink gives you a chance to get to know the other person better in a simple way.Tip 4. Is it going well after the first date? Then go on an exciting date as a second date. When there is some excitement, the date will become memorable for the two of you so the date won’t be forgotten easily. It is still a matter of making sure there is a spark. If you really feel something for each other during the exciting date, then it’s time to schedule more dates.Tip 5. Will there be more dates after the first and second date? Then make sure you know what other fun date activities are. Do you live in Breda and are you looking for an original date idea? Then go and dance the salsa in L.A. for example. This way you will have easy physical contact with the two of you and you will find out if it clicks that way. Next to this example you can also think up a lot of other date activities and we wish you a lot of success with online dating! If you don’t have a HappyPancake account yet, create one now. Do you have any questions? Ask them by sending an email or leave a message viaFacebook Messenger.

Professional Dating Advice





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By the fifth date there are no guarantees that you have a long-term partner or someone who you are going to fall in love with. But you should have a pretty good idea by then if the fledgling relationship is something worth pursuing.

So why the fifth date? Isn’t the third date the one where you should either be having sex or saying goodbye as a result of too many red flags?

Well, that is the exact reason why I recommend five dates before you take the time to seriously reflect on your prospective partner…more


Date and chat with hot girls!!

That’s how she gets all mad at you

Let’s turn you into a dating expert.


Because in this article you learn:

How to
prevents for ever boring dates
3 Simple tricks for a sublime first impression
How to
never come into the friendzone again
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successful and risk-free kissing
Ready-made decoration sentences for the whole dating process
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To start right away with the best…

Watch this video in which I show you
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I’ll show you that with hidden camera images and examples.

Watch at least the first few minutes, so you get an idea of the life of a dating coach:

So you’re dating someone, or you want to date someone…

So what now?

How do you do it, so she wants to kiss you. Or send a message right back after the date.

Whether you’re dating your new
If you’ve had a matchop date, if you’ve had a crush on her for a while…

Remember this:

The date is like a
movie trailer.

This movie trailer gives you a glimpse into the movie of your life.

If you screw up the trailer, nobody wants to see the movie.

(Even though it’s the best movie on earth.)

So let’s not ruin the date.

So start your first meeting as a
boss. You want to be everything,
except for an “Average Gert.

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And you know…

On a first or second date, you can make her fall reasonably in love with you.

And it’s not even that hard. As long as you know what you’re doing.

And that’s why I’m gonna give you my best tips here that I apply myself over and over again.

By the way, check out the editorial on how to make her fall in love:

How you make and keep her in love

Tip 1: Why you want to be Grey

I’m not talking about your hair color.

Although I’ve coached plenty of men aged 50+ to success with women.

What I’m talking about is Christian Grey.

A lot of men think too simple about the 50 Shades of Grey craziness.

Oh, pfff some stupid horny book for women. You’re not gonna read that.

I couldn’t agree more.

I just, uh…

…about EVERY WOMAN ON Earth finds this highly erotic material.

If 50 Shades has that much influence on the ladies…

…wouldn’t there be at least a few genius dating lessons to be learned from the book?

Yeah, right.

Don’t worry, you still don’t have to read the book. I’ve already done that for you.

And yeah, it works for when you like…
wants to get a girlfriend.

Summary of the book:mega-dominant complex
Rich mysterious SM fanatic (Grey) meets an innocent ordinary girl (Anastasia). They start a bizarre sexual relationship in which she finds out layer by layer why he is the way he is.

I’ll give you one practical tip from the book, and then one deeper tip.

Be a shade more dominant

In one of the passages of 50 Shades of Grey there is a subtle but enormously dominant example.

There, Mr. Grey says Anastasia shouldn’t bite her lips.

Strange remark.

Then why?

Because otherwise…

…is gonna be… He wants the
are the only ones that bite her lips.

Now you might be thinking, “That’s stupid, who says that?”

That’s because you have the male-female interaction on a
logical way to look at it.

Logical too! You’re a man, logic is probably one of your powers.

Only you’re of little use
logic during your conversations.

Because the above example goes
not about “biting lips.

It’s about the fact that Grey’s so thirsty
desire Anastasia has, that he even envies
can become her own.

Click here for more!

It sounds crazy, but for women, one of the greatest sexual triggers, perhaps the greatest
aphrodisiac… is a man who longs for her without excuse, and dares to express it.

Don’t be fooled, be clear about your intentions for her. Without becoming a slimeball, of course.

More on that later. Now first:

Women understand to the core

If you want to understand women even deeper, I’d give you a deeper tip.

Especially if you ever think:

Why would she go for an asshole like that? And not for me?
How come women in a relationship change their boyfriends?
And if you change for her, she’ll break up with you!
How is it that
serial killers
getting love letters from admirers?
Can I be attractive, too,
into a blunt dick?

In the next video, I’ll explain it to the bone:

To put this into practice, I give you the ultimate mindset tip:

Tip 2: Mindset… Think about it!

This tip must sound crazy.

Because you must be thinking “but Daan, I’m always thinking”.


Well, most people give themselves negative criticism all day long.

That hardly counts as thinking.

What I mean is that you’re constructive,

Think about your growth.

Your growth in dating, and in life.

Why is that so important in dating?

Because I’m not gonna teach you a few tricks, I’m gonna make you a really attractive man.

Men often tell me:

“Dan, I don’t know what to say, and I’m insecure!

Okay, if you had more
thinking instead of just Netflixing and tearing yourself down, you’d have been a lot further along.

This is my before, and after picture.

I wasn’t born with an army of women who wanted to do it with me right away.

(That equation sounds a bit pedo-virty, but you know what I mean.)

So what’s GOOD to think?

You want to be clear about your thoughts:

never too permanently: “I’m insecure” or “that’s so hard”
rather: “I feel insecure” and “that’s a challenge now”
never too easy: “ah, the true one will come your way,
just when you stop looking.”
rather: “if I find a system to meet at least one woman every day, I will increase my social skills and opportunities as much as I CAN NOT OTHER become good with women”.
Think! Reading a good
book will stimulate you more, and it’ll give you tons of conversation.

As you can see, success with women is not ‘happiness’ or ‘just looks’ or ‘something you have’.


Success with women is a mindset and skill!

Just as no one is born with a driver’s license, so no one is born with adornment.

How to develop this, you’ll learn in the following tips…

We will continue with directly applicable tips for your dates.

A lot of men do this unconsciously wrong, and
you never after reading this:

Tip 3: Dynamic date locations

Question: What does the average Gert do on a date?

Exactly. He makes appointments for some tent that he’s tried too hard for. Goes in with her, sits there for two hours and walks out again.

He makes a nasty attempt to get a kiss, but she turns her face away.

The next day he gets a message:

Hey, it was fun. I really laughed with you. But there was no real spark for me. I can’t turn that feeling ON or OFF. Something was missing… Sorry to disappoint you!


(I know from experience that a lot of reading is in the friendzone. Do you? Then check…
this article where you get 5 smart tips to get out of the friendzone)

How to decorate women with dynamism

Hollywood has pretty much raped perceptions of reality. Grab a random
chickflick and see how they tell us what a good date looks like…

If you’re going to make plans like this, it won’t end in a happy ending, but more like a horror story.

Let’s take a look at some of those horror dates:

You meet each other, you sit next to each other for two hours staring at a blank canvas… Nice movie, maybe.

But it’s typical of a lot of people. The way of thinking is:

I spend the entertainment on the cinema, so I don’t have to be so interesting myself.

You put your arm around her, and she says:

“Yeah, the movie’s so much fun, it deserves a French kiss.

Haha, nope, sorry.

But you can:

Another annoying location. She just met you, you decide to go on a date, and there you are… Facing each other.

The excitement is cut. If it’s nothing, she can’t go because you still have a whole dinner to eat.

Oh,yeah,and where in that time do you have to make it a little more physical to build up to that kiss?

Well, let’s leave Hollywood for what it is:

Have a good time.

(By the way, if you want a completely different view on dating, check out this scene from Movie 47)

How it should be

The secret to good dates is that you have to do a lot of…
adds motion.

That doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon.

Think of movement between you
rendezvous pointen your first date location.

Think of movement in terms of changing locations.

Think about maybe going on a later date for a
exciting date activity.

Take at least two date locations and make sure you have plenty of time to walk in between. Your date is less like a boring painting, and more like a dynamic movie.

And because she’s going through more environments with you, it automatically feels like she knows you longer, which has a positive effect.

Make sure that you don’t meet up at your first date location, but that you meet up about 10 minutes walk from your first location. The advantage is that you can then walk off the tension for 10 minutes and get to know each other a little easier.

If you’re wondering how to arrange that with her, tell Whatsapp that you know a great place to meet, but that it’s still a secret. That way you can get away with any place to meet. (More tips on whatsapp? Check
this item)

Side by side instead of facing each other

At your locations you want to sit next to each other instead of opposite each other as much as possible.

At your locations you want to sit next to each other instead of opposite each other as much as possible. Maybe you recognize it, when you sit opposite each other you feel a lot more tension to perform and to talk.

When you sit next to each other it is automatically more relaxed and it doesn’t feel as if you have something to say every second. It is also easier to make use of the environment: Laughing about what people around you are doing and talking about what you are doing.

And of course it’s easier to get physical if you sit next to each other!

Nice locations

There are a lot of locations that will be great for your first date. A few ground rules:

Creativity is always more important than money
Show something that suits you, something that expresses your personality.

For example, what I find very important (and recommend it to everyone, by the way) is a high living room content. A place where you can sit down on a couch together without a too formal setting.

Your first location could very well be a cafe or pub where you can sit for an hour, for example. The second location can be even more creative. Think for example:

A harbour
An old abandoned villa in climbing (adventurous ladies find such things genius)
Light route walk (have you in
London, for example)
Give her a tour of your city

So in the end, your date will look something like this:

Meeting > Walking > First location > Walking > Second location > Walking

Where you kiss her then? I’ll get to that later. Now, first something very important:

Tip 4: A strong first impression at your meeting

You know the saying:

“You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”

I agree.

Still, you’re going to think very differently about this later.

Because did you know that a first impression is made in less than a second?

In 1/10
eseconds even show
this understudy

Your first impression turns out to be quite similar to the long term impression people have of you.

In other words:

When you judge a book by its cover, that impression is often correct.

So it’s better to make sure that in the first impression
split-second blast of an impression!

Sometimes men come to decorating courses, who walk in as if they had last bought clothes with their mum 3 years ago…

Then you don’t make ab-so-luut…
good first impression.

Of course it starts with taking good care of yourself. But I hope that’s so obvious that I don’t have to go into that 😉 In any case, make sure you buy the right clothing sizes, don’t smell out of your mouth, go to the hairdresser once every 5 weeks (at least!), and remove excess nose and ear hair.

But do you know what is at least as important and where you can make all the difference?

The encounter

Okay, I get that you’re feeling nervous, but this is the time to take a deep breath and then do these things to get off to a good start:


Yeah, of course.

Smile is good.

Yeah, well, you might think so.

But wait.

You can laugh the wrong way, and the right way.

Take a look:

Which one of the two pictures do you like better?

I think you’ll find one less good on the right.

That’s because he’s a
fake smile.

The reason?

His eyes don’t laugh. The difference between a real and a fake smile is in the eyes, and on a deeper level: in your intention.

On the right he laughs ‘because he has to’, while on the left he laughs at something funny he’s thinking about.

So don’t just laugh out of politeness, make it sincere. As far as I’m concerned, put on a good piece of comedy before you go on your date.


Let’s move on. This is how I always start my dates:


Okay, the worst thing you can do, and what I’ve ever seen men do, is give her a hand.

Come on, it’s not a business meeting.

If you’ve met her before (like in a club) or it’s really bad, you give her a hug. If she’s a little more distant, you give her 3 kisses.

With a hug it is always the trick.
to have a giving attitude. By that, we mean you’re giving the hug for her, not because you’re some kind of
needy hug will. Stand up, open your arms and walk quietly towards her. She’ll love the hug.

If I have a
If she’s dating, I’ll give her
right hug. To take the awkward “ooh-we-know-what” edge off the date.

What you don’t want to do is give a hug when she doesn’t see it coming. JDoe it slow and relaxed.


Chances are she spent an hour in front of the mirror looking for the perfect outfit.

“Hmmm, not too sexy, not too solid. What should I wear?”

And yeah, she’s nervous, too. So say you’re glad she made an effort for you.

Well, few women dare to wear red these days. Looks good on you.

Or .

You’re cute dressed, and a little…
bad-ass. Like a rabbit


You’re cute dressed, and a little…
bad-ass. Like a bunny with a bazooka haha.

Both example sentences do well, although it is much more important what your intention is as you speak (your why) and the way you say it (the how).

More about that later.

Pro Tip: If you feel more confident, you can immediately combine compliments with teasing.

Example as a sentence after your compliment:

I like it when a woman makes an effort for me.

This immediately puts her in a context of: You make an effort for me. And that is of course exactly what you want.

If you notice that you are super scared that she rejects you, please check this article:

Overcoming fear of rejection with 3 simple tips

Tip 5: Behave as a lover, not as a friend

Hands in the air if you’ve ever been in the friendzone.

*Both hands go up*

One of the things I used to do wrong with women used to come from this thought:

If I’m nice to a girl long enough, deal with her a lot and have long conversations with her, she’s gonna like me.

Unfortunately, this only provides a single bit of friendliness!

(And the returns are sold out.)

When you act like a friend, she’s gonna see you as a friend.

Here’s one of the fallacies:

Men and women are essentially different creatures… Making this statement is almost like cursing in church these days, but you know:

Men and women are equal,

but not


Just as we’re attracted to a female woman, so is a woman attracted to a
male mandie knows how to play her right.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to leave a beard and go to the gym five times a week (although it certainly doesn’t hurt).

Male mandie is in very different things.

Among other things, it’s in…

Seeking excitement & teasing

Do you want to learn how to flirt & tease? Check out these two main articles about it:

7 Smart flirt tips to make someone crazy about you

Does she like me? That’s up to you with these 4 insights

If you’re naturally more of a
nice guybent like I used to be, you probably have a negative association with tension.

You know it.

Imagine you’re talking to a beautiful lady and it stops for a moment…

You look at each other and the tension rises…

You feel it in your stomach and your thoughts are running wild:

What am I supposed to say?! This tension feels annoying, I don’t want to make it awkward. Say something quickly to fill the silence!

Unfortunately, this is a big misunderstanding.

Many men think that when
the conversation shuts down, a woman walks right away from you.

So let me give you one giga tip:

Excitement is good

It’s not called for
nothing attractive.

Compare it to

There’s a certain tension between a + and a – pole, which causes them to be attracted to each other.

When you put two ordinary pieces of metal next to each other, nothing happens.

So dare to look up the tension.

You do that by
to tease her.

Dare to disagree with her. Call her a flappie instead of kissing her ass like any other man.

A very healthy mindset during the date is:

How can I tease her with everything she says?

Is she from a village?

Oh, no, you’re certainly very conversational and good-natured. 😉

Does she come from a big family?

Oh no huh, I’ll get at least 3 angry brothers if you come too close to me.

Make spontaneous teasing statements:

I don’t know why I’m thinking this, but you seem like the type who normally likes to sit inside and collect stamps. 😉


For some reason, you seem like the youngest kiddo in a very large family. 😉

For this video you can see an example of how I use that with a girl I just met and finally kiss her:

And that brings me right to the next point:

Be a leader

Man-woman contact is like a dance.

Does she want a man who has doubts about the next step?

Or a man who clumsily apologizes for the mistakes he makes?

You make mistakes.

Sometimes you don’t know the next step.

That’s fine.

As long as you’re sure you can lead her to the next step, then you can make all the mistakes you can!

Deep down, a woman wants nothing more than a guy she can rely on 100%.

The tree around which she can frolic like a squirrel.

She doesn’t want to make choices and she doesn’t want to be stressed, there are already enough emotions running through her head.

So you as a man want to be her safe haven that dares to take charge.

There’s nothing more unattractive for a woman when she asks you:

Where shall we go tonight?

That you as a man answer with:

Hmm, I don’t care, you tell me.

You may think you’re very nice and easy. And that you especially want to give her space to indicate what she wants.

But deep down she doesn’t want that!

Another rule that you’re going to have from now on

Another rule you can print in your head from now on is that you think in every interaction with a woman:

I’m leading now,

or is she leading?

And you’ll find there’s almost no limit to how much you can lead.

In the beginning, a woman will resist a little, because she can’t fully trust you yet, but once you get through that, she will completely surrender to you and then you can lead anywhere you want 😉

As long as you continuously make the choices with self-confidence.

Pro tip: from time-to-time I get the question ‘who is paying? Assuming your date was fun, do this next.
When you are at your first date location and she goes to the toilet, pay secretly.  When she comes back, you say: You know what, we’ll go somewhere else (note, don’t ask, just lead). She’ll ask: Shouldn’t we pay? To which you answer: Has already been arranged. Women can shout all about
emancipation whatever they want, but courtesy still gives you a big PLUS.

When you apply tip 5 in its entirety it is going to feel a huge attraction to you.

You probably want to lead to a longer, deeper connection when you are on a date with your dream woman.

With the next ingredient she will fall madly in love with you.

Use it in moderation, because if you use it well she will soon think of you day and night.

And that ingredient is
Deep Connection.

When people have normal conversations they often adapt more and more to each other in terms of posture, use of voice, etc. You then touch

in report
. It makes you like each other a little more. You can also see this as a superficial connection that arises.

But when you make a connection with someone on a much deeper level, on an emotional level, then something really special happens.

How you do this is by asking her questions about her motivations. Why she does what she does.

I remember a while ago at a house party. I spoke to the nicest woman at the party and pretty soon we had a deep conversation. She told me what she did for a living, which was a child psychologist. I asked her why she liked it so much, and if she always wanted to become one. She told me that she was passionate about working with people and then I asked where that came from. For example, how she dealt with people when she was little and at school.

Then I told her about what I wanted to become as little Daanio. And that I understood her deepest feelings very well.

After which she shared something she always liked as a child and now I asked what her real passions were.

And so I peeled off layer by layer, and told more about myself as well. After which she took off her mask completely and there was a connection between us on a very deep emotional level.

After an hour her eyes were bigger than an average cartoon character, and suddenly she kissed me in the kitchen. Shaking and shaking from how special it was what had come between us in such a short time.

To read a lot more about how it works and how you apply it exactly, I recommend you to read the following article:

The moment that many men live for on a date is, of course, when they kiss.

And you know, on the first date MUST be kissed. If that doesn’t happen, you can shake it up on the second date.

You MUST kiss her on the first date.

So how does the average Gert do this? He waits until the last moment of the date and tries to get you another kiss when you say goodbye. And you know, sometimes it works, too.

But even then, there’s still a good chance she’s not hungry for a second date.

Because as soon as there’s a kiss, the whole dynamic changes. Suddenly it’s really hard between you guys. And you’ve been wanting that “on” energy on the date for a while.

The mistake that most men make why that kissing becomes such a big ‘thing’ is this:

They don’t build up physical contact during the date.

Look, if you sit across from each other for two hours and have barely touched each other, then the step to kissing is suddenly huge.

So you want to slowly build up your physical contact.

And that’s where walking and sitting next to each other comes in handy. When you tease her you can, for example, give her a shoulder push or touch her back for a short time. In this way you build up innocent physical contact.

You can also, for example, give her a hand massage at your first data location.

Or make a joke that you are a palm reader and then grab her hand. The inside of her hand is full of nerves so if you move over it it is very sensitive and yet innocent.

Physical contact is always built up by going a little further and then letting go for a while. To take the pressure off.

Then when you walk to the second location you grab her hand.

You notice quickly enough whether she is comfortable with it by, for example, squeezing her hand and checking whether she is comfortable with it.

squeezes. Click here for more!

When she likes to hold hands, you can actually kiss her already.

While walking you can do that with the
instant-stop method. While walking hand in hand you suddenly stand still. Because she takes one more step she swings in your direction. Then step very quietly in front of her, look into her eyes and go for the kiss.

This is so masculine and theatrical, it has never failed for me.

After your successful date you app pretty soon and plan a follow-up date as soon as possible. Appen om het appen we do not do 😉 Plan this one for example a week later.

In general you assume that at the latest the 3
deof 4
who wants to have sex with her so it doesn’t take too long. Although in many cases this is also possible on the first date of course 😉

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